We, at Safetymark are a training, consultancy and auditing company that cater to all sectors in London as we are situated here. We offer an array of services ranging from food safety, health & safety, first aid, fire safety and licensing to consultancy services such as food hygiene and health & safety consultancy.

We also serve enterprises and individuals with our stellar auditing services. We have spent many years in food and health & safety industry and have learnt the ropes from the best in the business. This is how we have built such a steady foundation upon which our company rests.

Our purpose:

Our purpose is to offer sound training services which is our specialty. We believe that prevention is better than the cure, so we provide thorough training services with highly experienced and competent faculty.

We believe in giving our clients, services that give them their money’s worth and our company thrives on this principle. We recruit only well experienced and certified trainers with hands on experience who can really impart their knowledge to our clients. We will provide open courses at our venue as well as in-house training sessions at our client’s premises with thorough training in various food and health & safety departments and cater to each and every office staff with equal and undivided attention thus ensuring effective training services.

All of our courses are offered at highly competitive rates with practical fees structures so that a quality training, consultancy and/or auditing services are within every body’s approach to educate themselves and their team about the importance of food safety and health & safety and learn about precautionary measures.